Expressions of A Dog

You were gone all day, Melanie!

Was it 5 hours? Or 5 minutes?

I’m not too sure.

It certainly felt like the latter.

I hear your call pull up

and I jump onto the couch to make sure.

To my relief, it is you!

You came home for me.

I missed you, I really did!

But how can I tell you?

I haven’t a clue

how to speak as you do.

As I try to think,

my tail can’t help but wag itself.

I can’t control it,

but it makes you smile when you open the door.

I jump up to kiss your face.

You always tell me no,

but I don’t think you mean it

– your persistant smile says otherwise.

I may not be able to speak to you,

but I can still express

how much I love you,

and I can tell you love me too.

“Are you ready for dinner

and cuddles on the couch?” You ask.

But before you can finish

I’m already in the kitchen.

This is all I want,

I love the evenings with you.

I wish you weren’t gone all day.

Where do you go?

I’ve been waiting for 5 hours! Or was it only 5 minutes?

Either way,

I don’t know how to express it,

but I am happy your home.

via Daily Prompt: Express

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