Release of the Moon

The windows were dark when I drove up and the driveway coated with a light blanket of snow. It didn’t surprise me, no one had been to the cabin for a month, that last inhabitant being myself. During these dreary winter days my family stayed in the main house in the southern part of the state. They only seemed to like the cabin in the summer when the lake water was warm and inviting.

Personally, the cabin in the winter had grown to become my favorite time. There is something peaceful about a lonely cabin, a brisk chill, and a soft snow.

They didn’t know I even came here- one of the few perks of going away to college.

It my only safe place to truly release and let go.

It took me a while to think of coming to the cabin. I used to get so antsy around this time. Without control and not knowing what I was capable of, I would work myself up.

Now? I can approach it with a cup of tea and watch the moon rise in anticipation of a whirlwind night among my new family.

I could already hear them calling from their own safe havens in other parts of the woods. I didn’t know who they were the rest of the time, we hadn’t gotten to that and I wasn’t sure if we ever even would.

I settled in and made myself a cup of tea before retreating to the back porch. It had a beautiful view of the lake and was surrounded by the dense forest. I sat in my favorite chair and wrapped a blanket around my legs. I couldn’t hear anything except for the sounds of the forest waking up for the encroaching night.

Just as the sun fell over the horizon and the moon took its cue, I began to feel the familiar tingling in my fingers and toes. There, on my family’s cabin porch, I changed and bent to the will of the full moon.

The process was painful, but after three years of it, I knew it was worth it. The pain left quickly, releasing only feelings of strength and ecstasy. I could smell the presence of my four legged family waiting in the trees and bounded off the porch to greet them. In the moment the new sights, sounds, and smells that I was gifted with for the night provided a breathtaking experience. New instincts took over that I welcomed with open arms in the forest where we ruled.

I would only remember this night in small pieces, like a dream, a dream that I used to call a nightmare. But now? I was free.

via Daily Prompt: Release and Rachel Poli’s prompt!


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