The Best Stories

Daily Prompt: Expect

I have spent way too much time in my head

daydreaming of beautiful worlds before going to bed.

I have always had a firm belief

That a good book can provide the best relief.

It’s an escape from strife,

A window into another life.

I have been a proud hufflepuff

Though I am not a fan of yellow stuff.

A Jedi knight

Set to destroy evils plight.

A stark of winterfell

Though each death makes my heart swell.

A hobbit of the shire

who left the simple life and jumped into the fire.

A girl whose tired eyes put up a fight

Who can’t bring herself to turn out the light.

The best stories and fairytales

Are the ones that make us delve into the details.

They take us on a journey that we did not expect

And fill a hole inside we did not detect.

Where we turn the page with the utmost anticipation

And become a part of a new fan nation.

Who all planned to read just one chapter or two

But wound up reading the whole book before morning’s due.

via Daily Prompt: Expect


8 thoughts on “The Best Stories

  1. Not only is this fun to read, but I can totally relate as well! I enjoyed the references to some of my favourite books as well 🙂 🙂


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