Reading Renaissance


There is magic in the stories we read and watch. Whether you are an avid reader like myself, or not. You could also be a Netflix binger, an anime fan, a video game player, a movie goer (I am all of these things – hence the “Story Addict!”) and more.

With each different story we learn a little more, and grow a little more.

It’s like my own personal Renaissance and Enlightenment. First we have the Renaissance, the period of time where we are exposed to the creative outlets of other individuals and reborn with their insight. We start to think of these stories of love, strife, and life and translate them into truths about humanity and our own lives – no matter how realistic, magical, or sci-fi they may be.

I’m sure while you sit here reading this post, you can think of at least one story that has heavily influenced you. For me its a large spectrum – Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Hunger Games, Death Note, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, pretty much anything Disney, and many more (if I go on it’ll be a very long list). They have all made me think differently about life in some way.

My current read is IT by Stephen King – which I find to be enlightening on the subject of fear, guilt, and grief in only the first few chapters (not the book in the picture- that’s The Strain! one other recent read). These feelings and how we deal with them tell us about ourselves, and humanity as a whole. For example, King spends time talking about a young boy and his fear of the basement, running back up the stairs like something is on his coattails when the power went out during a storm. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that as a kid. I know other people have done that too, and to be honest my dog hates going down in the basement (any basement). Such a silly thing – but now something I am thinking about. Why do we do that? Anyway, each has made a lasting impression, each has made an impact on how I view life.

That is one of our many hats we wear as writers- to enlighten others from our own personal experiences and thoughts. Those concepts can be translated through a poem, short story, novel – even a sentence. Or a drawing.

Most stories teach about the spectrum of humanity – good and evil, light and dark, and everything in between. Each time it sheds a little more wisdom on another piece of it, from another authors perspective through a variety of characters. Sure, we will never get the full picture, but it is a journey, and each step is progress. With every story, I become enlightened.

4 thoughts on “Reading Renaissance

  1. What a lovely post. I recently thought about how each book, article, sentence, that we read that is written by someone else is a way for us to get to know them. It’s a piece of a person laid out in word form. What an amazing gift to be able to understand, if only a small bit, about another human and realize that we can all relate to one another. I think that is why I love stories so much: in reading them, I realize that we are all in this together. Also, I loved It; what do you think? Stephen King is one of my absolute favorites. (But as much as I love the book, I can not bring myself to watch the movie(s)!)

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    1. It really is so true! The written word gives us so many possibilities to understand humanity. As for it, I think is a great piece so far! I only started it this week, but I have read some of his other works as well and Stephen King is a phenomenal writer – he knows how to keep you on edge and turning pages : )


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