Astrological Identity

How do you feel about astrology?

I think it can be intriguing to talk about, but I don’t live by it.

I was born on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. This makes me an Aquarius! Any fellow Aquarians out there?

So here’s a list of 11 things for the 11th house, Aquarius, after a little research today and how I feel about it.

  1. The element of Aquarius is air.  The air aspect means that we are motivated by our minds, always seeking stimulation. Yes! Like I was mentally stimulated and excited to look up all this info…
  2. The symbol of Aquarius is a water bearer.This always confused me a bit…the symbol involves water but the element is air? So naturally I had to look it up! The symbol represents the other pieces of the Aquarius puzzle, the forward-thinking optimist…think “washing away the past and pouring in new insight.”
  3. The primary color of the Aquarius sign is a light blue/aquamarine. It represents the sky and air element that Aquarius-born are connected to. It symbolizes calmness to balance the always stimulated brain for a smooth flow of thoughts. I have to say I am a fan of the color regardless : )
  4. Greatest compatibility is with Leo and Sagittarius. I will agree partially, because a few of my close friends are Leo, but my husband is a Libra!
  5. The best jobs for an Aquarius are those that are humanitarian in nature and/or allow freedom and expression. Considering I work for a community grassroots non-profit and spend my free time writing, I’d say this is me.
  6. Often, Aquarius people are pictured as the rebels and attention seekers. Some identifiers that are definitely NOT me. This conception arises from the qualities of possessing strong beliefs, dislike of opposing ideas, uncompromising, unpredictable nature, and individuality. I am most definitely NOT the rebel or attention seeker, making these things initially seem foreign, but they apply to me in other ways. I avoid confrontation like the plague and am willing to listen, but I certainly am confident in my beliefs and enjoy my quirks that make me a bit different.
  7. The ruling planet Uranus lends Aquarius-born to be idealists. They know what they want to see in the future, and go for it. They have a set vision that they seek to create, always looking towards the future. If you asked me now, I could tell you where I want to be in 5 years, and I am always planning 5 steps ahead.
  8. Aquarius-born people can seem aloof and insensitive.  It may come off this way, I speak from experience, but they need to get to know people in order to open up. Trust is everything! And once they know you, they will be more forthcoming (eventually), though perhaps still not great at expressing it (ask my husband).
  9. They thrive off of intellectual conversation. As we said, intellectual stimulation is what makes them tick! They are naturally good listeners, and though they may be quiet, the wheels in their heads are turning. Perhaps with some good conversation, you can pull them out of their shell and see that expressive and talkative side!
  10. Aquarians don’t like to be constrained in any way, they need freedom. I am usually iffy about this one, because that often seems to be translated as being a free-spirit who needs to travel the world and be their own person-without being held down in a relationship.  But when I think about it in my terms, it makes sense in other ways. In my job and my writing, I enjoy them because they allow me to freely choose my projects and express how I feel about different things in my community and in life.
  11. Aquarius-born people are shy and quiet but also outgoing and community-minded. My favorite thing I like to point out is the enigma of being an Aquarius. I am, as they say, a quiet listener but also a talkative contributor, depending on the situation. An extroverted introvert, so to speak. Their mood can turn on a dime, switching from one mood to another. *Shrugs* This is true for me, and not necessarily a bad thing. Even typically in my daily life, I am often busy and enjoy being around people, but when it comes to the end of the day, I need to flip the switch and unwind.

Do you feel your given astrological sign is accurate? (you know, before they added another one!)


4 thoughts on “Astrological Identity

  1. I love astrology! I don’t live by it either, but I find it incredibly interesting. I’m a Taurus 🙂 have you done your birth chart and discovered your moon and rising as well?

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