The Shelter

Who am I?

I am stuck without my sisters and brothers

The bars hold me in

Just like all the others


I hear their cries

And at my cue

I feel it inside me

I’m crying out too


Though there are some

Who have been waiting so patiently

They do not cry out

They lay quietly


They sit at the wall

Instead of the cage door

With paws twice my size

And scars trailing down to their core


Then I see you

And you see me

Your eyes light up

But what could it be?


Who are you? I ask

But you don’t answer my plea

You pick me up and hold me close

Igniting a warm feeling inside me


Then you take me away

To a place that smells like you

“Indy” you call me

Though much louder when I chew


I love you

And you love me

You gave me a home

And an identity


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