Virtual Reality

The stars were as they should be, but placed incorrectly in the sky. The main difference, Alex noticed, was the moon, of which there were two on opposite sides of the sky. 

The game was set up in another world, and so far Alex thought they did a pretty incredible job with the graphics. It was surreal. Then again, it wasn’t real at all. But it was his reality. He could see it, feel it, touch it. What then, defined reality?

Granted, the purpose of the virtual reality games was to be similar to reality, but the diamond in the rough from the local game shop was more on point than he had ever seen, and that is saying a lot. He spent a little more money on it than he had planned, leaving his allowance a wash. It was a good trade off, though.

He heard a noise from behind him and turned around, though his actually body was laying down on the couch with a headset covering his eyes and ears. He was in a safe spot, between Smith’s Castle and the forest, which marked the end of the safe zone. However, it was night and he had to check anyway to be safe. None of the lights on his dashboard that popped up in his vision showed any sign of friends, enemies, or wild creatures, no matter how many times his flipped through the screens. All he saw was an empty map outlining the regions and main points of Andromeda. The sound, he realized, was not from the game. It was his mother.

Alex had forgotten she was having a garage sale today and probably needed his help. He sighed and pressed the button to shut down the console, though in truth he wanted nothing to do with the garage sale. The only problem was the headset was not shutting off.

Real or not, Alex was stuck in this reality.


5 thoughts on “Virtual Reality

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