Dear Coffee

Without my morning coffee I am a mess (like today, but that will change soon). I am most definitely NOT a morning person or a night owl – more of a mid-afternoon gal. At night, I am too tired. After dinner I go into wind down time! I like to relax with the husband. Plus, I like to get to bed earlier because I need a decent amount of sleep (as does he who gets up at 5- bless him). The less I get the worse I am in the morning!

In the morning I am the nightmare. I am grumpy, cranky, and img_2954-1ghoulish. Those around me have learned I don’t talk in the morning, I just drift around for a bit. But sometimes I’ll grunt to show acknowledgement – it’s the most you will get out of me.

Without my magical brew yet this morning inside my wonderful HP travel mug, consider me a ghoul – I am a lost soul without my coffee! Are you a morning person? Or a morning ghoul like myself?

Daily Prompt: Ghoulish , Happy Halloween!

11 thoughts on “Dear Coffee

  1. I used to be a night owl, but have turned into a morning person over the years. I think part of it may be down to knowing I will get the house to myself before the rest of the family wakes up. “Me time” (although it is usually spent picking up after others!)

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      1. I grew up on a farm so getting up at 5 am is no problem. It’s just habit. The latest I can ever get myself to “sleep in” is about 6:30.

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