Daily Prompt: Egg

A fall Sunday evening in the small sea town of Rockport was quiet compared to the summer months, where the sounds of laughter and street festivals were frequent. On this particular night, the fog rolled in as it usually did, coating the town in a eery mist. It was nothing special to the locals, but the tourists were fascinated by it and saw it as one of the towns main historical and haunted characteristics.

Only the street lights alerted anyone out and about as to where the damp pavement ended, and the trees began. There was no one around, it was the fall after all and the tourist traffic had disappeared. There was one silhouette one may have been able to see through the fog if they looked hard enough. She walked briskly along the sidewalk just outside the local park that evening specifically for the secrecy the fog provided. Even the leaves did not give her away for their crackling was subdued by the dampness that coated the old pavement where they lay.

The park was closed, there was no one else around, it was the perfect time for her test. The girl sat on a bench in the center of the park, tucking her hands in her sweatshirt sleeves, and looked around once more just to make sure.

She could feel the warm tingling sensation in her fingers, her body was anticipating it. Slowly, she lifted her hands and gripped them together with an opening in the middle. The tingling grew, spreading up her arms as it had before, only this time she could and wanted to see what happened.

This time this time the trigger was her excitement – Not fear or anxiety, something good. So maybe it wasn’t so bad. A heat simmered in her palms. For the first time ever on a cold evening, her fingers were not frigid as they normally were, they were warm, and they were glowing. Flickering. There was something inside them, a growing flame, about the size of an egg.

The girl opened her palms and to her amazement there sat a single egg shaped flame. The colors danced between each other, jumping in and out of the singular shape like dolphins,  illuminating the surroundings. Despite the fog, everything within its breadth was bright and clear. The girl was giddy and her grin immediately spread from ear to ear.

It was not just something she had made up in her head. There was a fire in her soul, and she had given it fuel. The fuel, the magic, came from her blood, a legacy carried from her late mother’s veins to hers.

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