My Proposal Story

“Can we go see the sharks again? I didn’t get any good pictures,” Gene prodded for the third time.

“But the butterflies are so pretty!” I looked at my boyfriend pleadingly and put on my best puppy dog face. We were in the butterfly room of the aquarium. They were so pretty and I wanted one to land on me, but so far no luck. Gene wouldn’t budge and gave the face right back to me, so I gave in.  I didn’t mind, the sharks were cool too, but he had some strange fascination that day.

So we walked swiftly back to the large tank, Gene seemed to be in a rush, where they were setting up to have some people go diving.

The sharks were doing what they always do – eerily swimming around the circular tank staring with those ‘doll eyes’ or sleeping together at the bottom. Which was kind of cute because they were cuddling (Sharks cuddle? Who knew.) They were completely unfazed by the cage and potentially delicious person entering their territory. The diver started looking around at all of us shark observers until he stopped when facing Gene and I.

The diver pointed at me. Why was he pointing at me? There was a little camera in the cage and something in his hands, it was a piece of paper. He held it up in my direction and I squinted to make sure I was reading it right.

Marry Me


I looked around, baffled. Who was Melanie? Was it me? It was my name, after all. But maybe there was another Melanie. I turned to look at Gene, but I realized he was not at his six foot height, he was down about three feet, on one knee. It was me! Holy crap!

I felt myself becoming a lobster, a happy lobster though. Gene was holding a beautiful ring that looked like a flower or a star (it has been debated, what is your take?). He was proposing! A moment a girl waits for through her young life, that I hadn’t had the faintest idea was for me (whoops). It didn’t feel real – it was one of those moments that goes by so fast but takes three years at the same time. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t imagine how he was feeling – which I later found out was extremely nervous, though he had no need to worry.

What I couldn’t understand was how he did it. It had been my idea to go to the aquarium after scoring a discounted ticket and discovering that the week of your birthday you get in free. My birthday happens to be on Valentine’s Day, and it made for a perfect date.

“How did you do it?” I asked him on the ride home.

Turns out, the ring he bought just so happened to be ready three days before we went to the aquarium, way ahead of schedule. He thought it was a great opportunity and he took it.

“So it was worth it to go back to the sharks right?” He teased. I blushed and nodded, it was a great trip and the best birthday surprise. We drive home with the biggest smiles on our faces that day and got to surprise my mom too.


What was your proposal like? I’d love to hear! (from either perspective : ) )

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12 thoughts on “My Proposal Story

  1. Oh wow! How sweet!!! My fiancé loves sharks. I just got engaged two weeks ago, you can read about it here if you’d like!💖 —

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