The Puppy Strut

One day when I was seven years old, I came home from school (or so I think, its not the important part of the story) and my mom lured me into the backyard. I questioned why but followed along anyway. The backyard looked as it always did – patio, grass, shed, pool. The pool was always the best part of the yard, but it was closed for the summer. But then I saw my dad sitting behind the pool. What was he doing? Dad things, I guessed.

He was wrestling with something and- it got away! I watched with anticipation to see what was coming. It was black and white and furry – an adorable puppy! It came strutting my way, as eager and excited as I was at that moment. I had waited seven years!! I finally had a furry brother. We named him Luke – Luke Skywalker to be clear.

The puppy strut is the only adorable strut, and the first strut of my childhood dog will forever be ingrained in my mind.

Normally, when I think of a strut, I think of a man or woman who walks with confidence, but to a greater degree- with arrogance.

A puppy strut is different. Exploratory. Excited. No trace of arrogance. Only modest confidence. A dog does not care for smugness, nor does he have an exaggerated opinion of himself. He is a dog, he is happy with that, and he can take on the world.

Meet: Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones, or Indy for short. My first and second family dog.



7 thoughts on “The Puppy Strut

  1. Isn’t it funny how memories like that burn into you forever. I remember coming home from primary school on the day I knew we were getting a new puppy – and racing ahead of the girl I walked home with, because I couldn’t wait to see him. I still remember walking in, and seeing him curled up on my Mum’s lap. He became the dog everybody would remember, and tell stories about, long after he passed away.

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