Atmosphere of Seasons

As the weather begins to get colder, I will miss the summer nights by ocean. The beauty of a summer night is in the little things, like the beauty of a sunset, the laughter of friends, the feeling of toes in the sand and a fishing pole in hand.

But winter has its own magic too. There’s the coziness of a blanket and warm mug, the crackling of a fire, a long day with a good book. I think my favorite part has to be the serenity of a morning snowfall. Not a blizzard, but a slow snow. You know, when the powder is fresh with no tracks and builds throughout the day. There is no wind, no harsh sounds outside. It is peacefully quiet and delightfully cold, it puts color on your cheeks and fresh air in your lungs.

The best part of living on Long Island is I get both of these. Actually, we experience all of the seasons- like the in between of extremes with pumpkins and apple picking on one end, flowers and bumblebees on the other. But it isn’t the things that stick in my memory each year that goes by, it is the atmosphere. It is the sights, the sounds, the feelings.

Daily prompt: Atmospheric

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