Ghost Stories

I never had to think about whether or not I believed in ghosts. But now I am married to someone who grew up in a haunted house.

A house where I now live.

A house which makes me forced to determine whether or not I believe in such things.

Fortunately for me, I have not experienced anything (well, sort of, but I’ll get to that)

There are few instances in particular that Gene likes to tell at parties:

  1. The experiences started when Gene was 5. He had a little sister on the way and his parents did some renovations to the basement so that he and his older brother could share a room down there. They moved down no problem, but one night they noticed one of their gaming chairs was rocking all on its own.
  2. The family dog was the sweetest big round golden retriever you could ever meet – not a mean bone in her body. One night, Gene was with the dog downstairs. Randomly, she got up, sat herself down at the end of the staircase, and began snarling. Her eyes were following something along the ceiling.
  3. There was another instance in which Gene heard footsteps coming down the stairs only to find that there was no one there. On a hunch, he through holy water on the stairs and the steps stopped, only to restart on the stairs that lead to the second floor of the house. After this incident, Gene’s aunt came over and blessed the house. Nothing happened again until his older brother’s 21st birthday.
  4. The chair that had started it began rocking again one evening. Gene, being rambunctious, went over to the chair and started smacking it. He turned to his brother with a grin “She can hang out with me all night!” Well, that was a mistake because later that night he was alone and in bed and the chair began to rock again. He looked to see what was happening, but as soon as he looked it stopped. He settled back in, trying to sleep, but something kicked his bed hard.
  5. One hot summer night, Gene decided to sleep in his little sisters bedroom because she was lucky enough to have air conditioning. He slept on a little mattress on the floor but noticed a strange noise throughout the night. It was the door handle on the closet. It kept jiggling like someone was trying to get out.
  6. A while later, Gene was cleaning his room and noticed the light in the closet was on. Curious, he went inside and found that the light wasn’t anywhere near close to making contact. Just to be safe, he unscrewed it almost all the way, and closed it back up. The light turned on again. Now he was annoyed. Surely, if he completely removed the light bulb it could not turn on, so he removed it entirely.
  7. Gene was sitting in the basement with his brother and brother’s girlfriend. It was late and he was getting hungry, so he ran upstairs to get a snack from the pantry. Then he realized, he forgot a drink, so he ran upstairs one more time. When he reached the top, he could see the door to the pantry. It was open, he must’ve left it that way. But the problem was it started shaking and closed violently all on its own!
  8. One night, Gene’s brother came home late and saw a shadow cross the window. The door was locked and he was having trouble opening it, but he couldn’t understand why Gene was behind the door but not letting him in the house. Once he got inside, she appeared to him. It was a girl in  a white dress and no face! He ran downstairs to his room immediately.
  9. Gene went into the closet to get something and all of a sudden she appeared to Gene too. She stood in a white dress with no face, he said it was paralyzing.
  10. Gene’s friend slept over after a party and while he laid down on a mattress on the floor, doors to an adjacent room suddenly thrust open. A little while later, he was shivering. Gene, guessing as to what it was, threw holy water over him. The shivering stopped.
  11. I was sitting in the basement with Gene and his brother, talking about the ghost of course, when we heard a noise coming from upstairs. It was the kitchen chairs above us rolling back and forth, but no one was home. I was freaking out of course but also skeptical, and hoped it was something else. But I can’t deny that I at least heard something.
  12. Gene’s younger sister has some unusual senses that have shown themselves on various occasions. On this occasion, she had a dream in which a woman in a white dress was asking for her help. Her husband had gone away to war and never returned. Gene’s sister told the person in her dream that she could not help her and she had to move on. There was a very pungent smell in the dream that she also would find throughout the house after that. It went away after a while, and we haven’t heard of anything since (which I am very thankful for because I moved in soon after!).
  13. The last part I want to mention is Gene’s grandmother. Gene’s grandparents live upstairs and one day she came down and was sitting at the dinner table with all of us. Out of no where, she says, “Did you know this house is haunted?”

So, Gene has experienced it as well as his brother, his friend, and some other family members. The brothers believe that the ghost is real and that she only appears to single men. No girl (so far at least) has seen or experienced anything outside of Julia’s dream.

As a side note, I’m sitting alone in the basement as I write this and creeping myself out a bit. Perhaps this wasn’t the best topic to write about since I am afraid of everything and I am alone… at night… in the supposedly haunted house. Whoops. Anyway…

The good news is A. it hasn’t been around since I moved in (not even to a guy) and B. we bought a new house! (hopefully that one isn’t haunted)

I am not sure how I feel about all of it. Its hard to explain these types of experiences that many people have, and thats the problem. We can’t explain them – we don’t understand them. I do not believe that Gene made anything up and I can’t explain these things in any other way. Because I have not experienced any of it in the way he has, I can’t say – though I am not sure I want to. I am a huge scaredy-cat. HUGE. Did I say huge? So, if ghosts are real they can do their thing and I’ll do mine and we never have to meet.

Do you believe in ghosts? have you had any of your own unexplainable seemingly supernatural experiences?

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6 thoughts on “Ghost Stories

  1. My Aunt lives in the house that belonged to her parents. It’s over 400 years old – in Oxfordshire, England. She never experienced anything growing up, but when her parents died she inherited the house, and her then husband renovated it. During the renovations all sorts of stuff happened.

    At one point – after ripping the insides of the house out, he was essentially camping inside the shell of the house, and heard children running around upstairs, and what appeared to be marbles rolling around. The only problem? There WAS no upstairs – it was an empty shell.

    Another time, an entire room filled with fog. In the middle of summer – the fog ended in a clean line at the door frames.

    Several builders who came to work on the house (and knew nothing about the other things that had happened) either had tools move, or thought somebody was playing games – making noises behind them.

    I think the most credible thing that happened was in the presence of my Aunt and Uncle, after they moved back in. While having a cup of tea in the kitchen, a pot plant’s leaves started moving around. There were no windows or doors open, and no drafts.

    To satisfy themselves, they tried getting a medium in, who immediately said there was an old lady looking through the window at them. I’m inclined that was “cold reading” though – telling them what they wanted to hear. Shortly after that they got the local vicar out, and although they didn’t go as far as an exorcism (which needs a ton of organisation, and damn good cause), they did get blessings and such like done – and it all ended from that point on.

    Years later, while researching the property, my Aunt found out some small children had died in a well in the yard outside the house – about 200 years previously. You can make your own mind up 🙂

    It’s probably worth noting that my cousin grew up in the house, and never saw or heard anything during her entire childhood and adolescence.

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    1. Thats such an interesting story! I’ve heard it said that sometimes only some people experience while others don’t (like in the same house) because their mind is somehow subconsciously open to it. I take it you believe? : )

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      1. I sit on the fence (as ever) – I think maybe ghosts could be something about the nature of time that we don’t understand? I’ve never seen anything myself, and if you think through everything my Aunt and Uncle experienced, it could ALL have been explained as drafts, or bits of the old house falling into the wall cavities, etc.

        I used to read books about UFOs when I was younger, but have gotten older and more cycnical as time has gone on. Now everybody has smartphones with amazing cameras, where are the photos of ghosts and UFOs ?

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