Poison Apple

Things that are actually perfect are flawed in their own beautiful way. It is the cuts and bruises of life that carve us into the works of art that we are and the art of nature that exists in the world.

The red apple that sat in the palm of Snow White’s hand was too perfect, looking both desirable and repulsive. The fact was it was too perfect to eat, like there was something wrong with it in it core. Snow spun it in her hands and it reflected the light coming through the window like a diamond.

She strolled over to the window, looking out at the trees beyond. Snow was safe there in the little house with the strangers who had become her friend. She had found a home in the most unexpected place. The only thing from her past that had followed her was the warm sunshine that shown through that very window.

They had had no visitors until that day. Strange, that an old woman would find herself on an off-beat path in the woods. She was so old and fragile, the least Snow could do was buy one of her apples.

There in the warmth of the sun through the window, the apple had found its way to Snow White’s mouth. She curled her lips around it, about to bite. One bite wouldn’t hurt. That would make it perfect, it would have its flaw.

And like Eve, she fell to its temptations, out of her tiny paradise, and onto the floor. Only, her Adam would rewrite the story and relieve her from its burden.

Daily Prompt: Bite

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