The Origins of Stranger Things

Daily Prompt: Theory

Conspiracy theories are always interesting to talk about. One that recently caught my interest was the conspiracy on which Stranger Things was based, because it turns out it was based on a theory close to where I live.

I live on Long Island in New York. If you don’t know where that is, here is a nice little picture.


The parts I want to highlight are this little island on the northeast side of Long Island known as Plum Island and a place all the way at the end called Montauk (probably the most well known part of the Island that I have been to all of once in my life).


I don’t know about Plum Island (since no one can really go there and if you did you would need government permission and a special suit), but Montauk is quite pretty. It’s waters are even quite blue and clear compared to the rest of the Island.


Montauk is known for its summer vacation appeal and of course its famous lighthouse. But there’s more than that, with rumors of psychological warfare experiments on children at the military base, Camp Hero, that came about in the mid-1980’s. The base had many functions, including looking out for invading crafts by air and sea. But the other potential facts seem to be a more interesting topic of conversation. There were even people who came out and said they were there and were a part of it in one way or another.

Interestingly, when I visited Montauk, I stumbled upon Camp Hero (and quite a few tics) though I didn’t know at the time the history and rumors surrounding it.

Then there is the little island called Plum Island. While officially it is known for government run animal disease research, theories of a more experimental lab started when the dead animals like the “Montauk Monster” showed up on a beaches. The “Montauk Monster” was found in 2008.


Yea, definitely a bit creepy looking (Demodog maybe?)

While some attributed this finding to Camp Hero, the facilities were closed. However, some people still believe there is stuff going on underground. The whole place was built to blend in easily from an aerial view and has tunnels underground.  Plum Island, however, was still operating.

The rumors say that the research at Plum Island included genetic experiments, producing grotesque creatures. The facility was built to study foot and mouth disease, as well as others, that can run rampant between animals and even be used in biological warfare since animal diseases can be significantly threatening to food supplies.

Since there are so many biological hazards in the facilities, all air flow goes into the facility and all people have to wear special suits and take disinfecting showers before leaving.

The theories surrounding these facilities gets even more interesting. The full story as told through the book The Montauk Project links these research facilities together with time travel, psychological experiments, genetic experiments, alien contact, and other realms.

Stranger Things was originally called Montauk, where these stories of the monster and the experiments supposedly took place.

7 thoughts on “The Origins of Stranger Things

  1. I read a book about the Montauk Project years ago – I didn’t know that Stranger Things was originally based around it. There were a LOT of shady projects in the decades after the war – there probably still are. Dammit – now I want to go read some conspiracy theory books 🙂

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