Weekend doodles- Melanie & Gene Harry Potter Edition

Sometimes I draw my husband and I in different worlds- so naturally I had to do some HP. I tried some digital drawing this time !

16 thoughts on “Weekend doodles- Melanie & Gene Harry Potter Edition

      1. I always thought that i’d be griffandor, but the quiz said I’d be hufflepuff. I guess I’m okay with that though.


  1. Ahhh! How AWESOME! 😍 your drawing is lovely! does this mean you’re a Hufflepuff? I aspire to be one! Im currently going through a house identity crisis (haha!) but I think my true leaning on Ravenclaw with a side dose of Gryffindor. But Hufflepuff is such a fabulous house! Gah! I can’t say enough about it so I better stop while I’m ahead haha πŸ˜…

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  2. I saw a fantastic video years ago about how the digital artists do it – hint – the pen and ink part is done with pen and ink, then scanned, and colored on the computer.

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    1. That’s Interesting…I wonder how much they sketch out first. And if they use computers, tablets, etc…there are so many options! There’s even a tool I saw that let’s you essentially ‘draw’ on a paper-like pad and it transfers to the computer screen. So you draw normally AND get the digital quality. I’ve been trying to play around with it a bit with an app on my iPad, I’m sure its not the best way that the pros would use. It looks silly – like I’m finger painting on my iPad lol but its a start


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