What kind of weather are you?

I am a light snow.

A light snow on a Sunday morning is peaceful and serene. I’ve wrote about it a bit the past week, as Long Island has been graced with a few snowfalls. It made me think about how much I love it, and when this question came to me I realized part of the reason I like is because I identify with it.

It is not imposing or forceful. It is different from other types of weather in its own right. It does not stand out, but falls beautifully and quietly, blanketing the landscape. It is never chaotic. It molds to the shape of the Earth and in the middle of winter, and makes the dead plants alive once more. It it soft and captivating, but detailed through every snowflake.

I am different and beautiful in my own way. I am not imposing or forceful. I am thoughtful and serene. Never loud or boisterous. I can change the landscape of things with innovative ideas. I mold to others, and quietly listen. I happily provide advice from my heart and help them see the beauty in themselves. Yet, I am not easily open to others. If I do let you see my details, you will find my mind and soul are intricately designed.


I heard this question used at a ceremony recently and it really prompted a lot of interesting answers, so I thought I’d write down my own thoughts. I also tend to find it hard to reflect on myself, and this made me do so. It’s interesting to see how different people think about themselves and relate to the weather.

To give some perspective, my colleague said that she was a tornado. Makes for an interesting working relationship : )

What are you?


7 thoughts on “What kind of weather are you?

  1. Like the weather, our moods/attitudes/feelings can change from rain to sunshine and back.

    I think the weather that best describes me is a cold dark overcast day. The clouds are think and dark, heavy with rain that has yet to fall. It’s not exactly dark outside, but it’s not bright either. It’s more of a dull grey gloom that hangs overhead and as far as the eyes can see. There’s a cold breeze that beings a chill which causes people to pull their jackets up and bring their arms closer to themselves to try and keep warm. Thunder can be heard in the distance, hinting at a raging storm out of sight. The gloom makes the day seem like forever, and throws off any sense of time. Though it is cloudy and cold, every now and then a ray of sunlight could be seen and it’s warmth felt. But only for the briefest moments. The days seem to drag on in their dullness, and uncertainty lies in the question:
    Will the storm arrive or not?

    One thing is for sure, the storm will pass.

    That was a great question, and it took me a little while to think about what best describes me.

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