My eyes shuddered quite a few times before adjusting to the bright light around me. It reflected off the water, shimmering like diamonds. I rolled over and pushed myself up to a sitting position.

The two rafts were the only visible thing across the ocean. Each direction was filled with endless miles of water until it met the horizon. It was a strange feeling to be on such an open plane.

We could no longer see the island from which we finally escaped, the place that made our identities as lost as were out on the ocean. We were just two girls and me, drifting away from everything we knew. Wherever we landed, it would be better.

The girls were awake, staring at me from the other raft attached to mine. It was amazing, really, that our plan worked and we were suddenly floating in the middle of the ocean.

Something was off. Their eyes traveled from my face to the water beneath my raft. I knew that look, I had seen it many times in our cells. The hesitation in my mind did not quite communicate the message to my eyes. I looked down.

There was a large shape moving beneath me. I could see its fins, or at least the shape of them, between the slats of wood.

I looked back up to my friends, realizing my face probably mirrored theirs. They didn’t move, but I was curious, it was the first entertainment I had had on the ride.

What are you, beasty? I mentally spoke to the beast beneath me, you know, as if it could hear my thoughts. Totally rational.

I moved my face closer so that my cheeks rested on the wood. The beast moved in time with the raft, until it began to move past me, its back fin gliding from side to side. I watched it swim away, both relief and sadness washing over me. Relief for the diminishing threat, sadness for the loss of entertainment. I’d need something new to occupy my time until, or if, we landed somewhere.

The feelings disappeared as quickly as they came. The beast came back to its spot beneath me, he was along for the ride.


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