Would You Go Back?

The other night at a restaurant, my husband and I were talking about random things. We were at Applebee’s – after 10 on a Friday no less. It was packed. I used to work there, and it brought back flashbacks for sure! But what we noticed more was the various types of people that congregate there. There were couples like us, grabbing dinner after a long day, families out for some fun, friends out for drinks, and young teens getting a taste of freedom from their parents. Half-off apps holds some real power, huh?

Anyway, that last group got us thinking. It feels like both a lifetime ago and yesterday that we were 13 and meeting up with friends at Applebee’s. We deduced that it feels like yesterday because time flies, and that it feels like a lifetime because we have been through so much since then.

Then my husband asked the question – If you could go back to that age with the knowledge you have now, would you?


It’s hard to say.


You could potentially save those you love from hardship. Both my husband and I have been through a lot of illness and death.

You could go back and meet your significant other much earlier if you wanted.

You could be very, very rich. Think Back to the Future and the Almanac. You would know everything! Plus you could invest early in things like Bitcoin and choose your job knowing the future job market and what you actually like.



Just because you can fix some things, doesn’t mean other unforeseen circumstances won’t set themselves in motion instead.

Whose to say your thirteen-year-old could hand all that information? Instead of trying to make a difference, your old self might ignore it, become depressed, run away, etc. Whose to say?

Even if you successfully made all the decisions necessary to make a perfect life without other unforeseen circumstances, you probably would not be the person you are today. (So that also goes to say that if my husband and I met at 13 – whose to say we would’ve liked each other then?)

Our decision, sitting at Applebee’s watching young teens at 11pm, was…


We would not go back. The beauty of being young is the bliss and new exciting experiences – and through those experiences, you grow. We would not have lived to our fullest during those times if we had spent every moment trying to set certain things in motion and prevent others.

You live and you learn, you don’t learn and live.


13 thoughts on “Would You Go Back?

  1. It’s worth pointing out that the future you know would no longer exist if you went back – because events would not unfold in the same way, no matter how hard you tried.

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  2. Well…. I’m still in my youth and just outta my teens. Yet there have been several moments when I wished I could go back and set things right. Then again, I realize that that’s how we learn. So, yeah it’s dicey. But it’d be cool if we could do it just once perhaps…

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    1. I think most would still consider me to be in my youth as well lol I’m 23. There are things I would absolutely love to change, but even if we could go back to change one thing, its hard to say what kind of effect it would have on the rest of our lives. But I guess it would also depend on the thing being changed, and how big it is. Its interesting to think about!

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      1. 23! That’s young…. The way you had written the post made me think you were middle aged. Sorry!
        Anyways, I totally agree with you. It’s really complicated. It’s better to move on than to stay in the past, thinking about things that never could be and perhaps never will be….

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      2. haha no worries : ) I see how you could have thought that. But its worth noting that even at our young ages we still have had experiences we aren’t ‘happy’ with – life is a journey with twists and turns at every point – even looking back 10 years (what we were thinking of at the time) is a big difference


  3. You make a good point at wondering whether your younger self would be able to handle all of that information. It would be a lot to digest, depending on the type of tools and techniques available at that time. I think part of the reason why young children tend to be blissful is because they are still learning about the world and a little to native to all that is out there.

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  4. It is tricky, because I believe I would alter the events. And everything happens for a reason after all. The good and the bad. I wouldn’t want to go back to correct anything, but to mess with some people by knowing things about them they wouldn’t know themselves. I would go back for mischief really.

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  5. Let nothing refrain my marriage nor my children. I would not risk losing the most important people in my life, not for all my regrets, scars, to be wiped clean. I look back over my life and see too many places where a step in one direction would have removed the opportunity for my wife and I to meet, or my children to be born.

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