New Furry Family Member

Long story short – in case you don’t want to read more – as of Thursday I wasn’t getting a puppy. Saturday, I got a little golden retriever.


I am beyond elated to bring this new fur baby into my life. He is such a blessing!

As with everything major that happens in my and my husband’s life, the situation was sprung on us and we just couldn’t say no.

To give you a few examples:

We got engaged February 2016 and planned to marry in October. My mom’s health took a bad turn in July and on a whim we decided to get married in the backyard 2 weeks later…

We were not looking for a house in September, but then a golden opportunity presented itself in October…

Now a literal golden opportunity (get it? Golden retriever? Haha) was presented when a breeder I found and liked emailed me and said they had one puppy left in a litter to go home Saturday (I had been researching breeders/shelters to find the best avenue for Gene and I when we DID decide to get a puppy).

We saw some pictures and spoke with the woman (who was so lovely!) and were sold. The next day we drove 2.5 hours to go get a puppy and came home with this little bundle who has charmed every human he has met so far. I’m in trouble!

Somehow, despite everything bad that has happened the past few years, we keep falling into these wonderful situations and everything seems to work out in an unexpected but beautiful way.

18 thoughts on “New Furry Family Member

  1. Brings back so many memories – we had golden retrievers when I was growing up – lots of very similar photos of our dogs stretched out on the kitchen floor with chew toys 🙂

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  2. Omg… what a sweet baby! I hope you bring each other lots of happiness!💛🐶 —

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  3. Aha…dead dead cute. I recognise the ubiquitous Kong on the floor too. My Labrador has one every day when he is left alone. Really good pieces of kit. if you have as much fun with as I have with my Choc labrador, you will be in for an amazing ride. Check out what he’s been up to if you don’t believe me. Best of luck.

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