Evolution Of A Blog

The past two weeks I’ve strayed from my usual writings to write about, you guessed it, my new puppy.

Interestingly, these puppy posts have been probably the most popular posts I’ve had among my readers.

I don’t blame them, I mean, look at this face!!!


And I’m the one doing all the showing off, he’s bashful about it.


In these few weeks, I have decided to include a new section all about Sora on my blog. Not because he is oh-so-popular, but because he is now a major part of my life.

This blog has most definitely evolved as my life has shifted in the past few months. It started as just a place to put a short story I wrote about my mom who passed away. A lot of my family wanted to read it, and it seemed the easiest thing to do.

Then I started doing some drawings and writing more short stories to work on my skills. WordPress was just a place to put it all.

Then I was getting close to finishing a book, and I thought -well if I plan on publishing a book, maybe a blog is a good thing to have.

Then I started doing daily prompts and instead of just short stories, some of my writing turned to personal insight and I connected with many more people. I realized WordPress is a great community!

Finally, I got Sora, and naturally I couldn’t help but share. So, now you will all hear about his life too! He has his own page category above – Sora the Dog.

This blog has come to serve many purposes, and now I don’t think I can call myself a certain ‘type’ of blogger – it’s a whole mish-mosh of my stories and my life. I am me, and this is my world. Welcome!

PS I have an Instagram account now! If you would like to see some puppy pictures, life updates, and story favorites – instead of reading my babbling, or in addition to reading to my babbling if you actually do enjoy it – please follow : )



11 thoughts on “Evolution Of A Blog

  1. These photos are so cute. I got a 9 week old puppy on Saturday and he’s the cutest. Watching him with my other 1 year old dog is so much fun. But lots of sleepless nights at the moment because puppy howls.

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  2. Mish-mosh blogs are the best kind of blogs. There is nothing worse than niche blogs, standing on their soap-boxes, telling everybody how to live their lives. Love your stories about life.

    Liked by 1 person

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