Do you have Facebook or Instagram for your blog?

Hi fellow bloggers,

As my blog has evolved, so have my methods of connecting with people! I started a Facebook page a little while ago and just yesterday created an Instagram for my blog after hearing from some of you and your experience.

I think branching out to include these sites is a fun way for me to connect with others, especially friends and family who don’t really use email, but enjoy pictures or short posts. It can’t hurt, right?

My facebook page links most of my blog posts and I share some funny images/videos when I find good ones! My Instagram is, of course, going to be much more visual.

If you would like to see some puppy pictures, life updates, and story favorites – instead of reading my babbling, or in addition to reading to my babbling if you actually do enjoy it – please follow me : ) The links to both accounts are below.



Please follow me on these sites or drop your link below, I’d love to connect with you!


10 thoughts on “Do you have Facebook or Instagram for your blog?

  1. I do have an account at Instagram (just followed you!), but I keep it completely separate from the blog – I used to have them connected, but chose to break the tie some time ago. I guess I’m just keeping it simple.

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