Vacation! – St Lucia

Vacations are amazing. They get you away from the worries of work and reality for a little while. Unfortunately in America – unless you’re a teacher – that usually only lasts a week.

On the flip side, being away can also make you miss the things you have. As nice as it is to go on vacation, it’s still always wonderful to sink into your own bed on the first night back. In my case, it was also beyond exciting to see my puppy again – who I swear doubled in size! Honestly if we had planned to get a puppy when we did we would not have gone anywhere! But as things go, we did not plan it.

Anyway, if you haven’t been to St Lucia I highly recommend it. They call it the Hawaii of the Caribbean because it is the only volcanic island in the area. And it has these peaks called the Pitons! (Of which there are two)

St Lucia is NOT flat by any means. It is also very lush with rainforests. For Gene and I, it was the perfect place. With more than just a flat beach to lay on, we were more likely to find various things to do for my non-beach-going husband on our honeymoon a year and a half ago.

The first time we went, we loved it. Last week, we found ourselves back there again by luck – we won a trip at a fundraiser! At the same hotel – fancy that. Generally, St Lucia is a quite expensive, but if you play your cards right looking for deals (we got a JetBlue deal the first time) and winning prizes (much less likely) it can be a little easier to manage.

Most people know Sandals and Beaches in the Caribbean, but we found an equally amazing experience at the Saint James Club Morgan Bay.

They have multiple pools, including a kiddie pool, a recreational pool for volleyball and exercise classes, a swim up bar, and an adult pool. They also have tennis courts, kayaks, hobie cats, beach volleyball, banana boats, paddle boats, paddle boards, live music at night, jumbo chess, corn hole (which we played religiously) and more that I’m sure I’m missing. The best part is it’s all inclusive! So the breakfast buffet, lunch, and various restaurants are all included.

There is one restaurant that is NOT included but I have to say it was totally worth it for an extra $35 a person. It’s called Le Jardin and it was amazing! The food was delicious (I had the best steak I’ve ever eaten), there was beautiful live piano music, and the service was phenomenal! Our waiter Bentley was the best – he even gave me a flower for my hair, took photos, selected desserts and after dinner drinks for us that were right on the money.

The resort was great, but that didn’t mean we skipped out on excursions!

We did zip lining:


Mud bathes in a volcano

And a sunset cruise

jet skiing


11 thoughts on “Vacation! – St Lucia

  1. Sounds like a fantastic holiday. My other half works in a school too – we’re booked to go to Majorca at the end of the summer – our first big family holiday overseas. It’s breaking our asses all year to pay for it, but what the hell. Love the photos!

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  2. Your photos are beautiful. I am from the Caribbean and St Lucia is one of my favorite islands. By the way most Caribbean islands are mountainous except Barbados πŸ‡§πŸ‡§ and Cayman Islands πŸ‡°πŸ‡Ύ. I love Hotel Chocolat.

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  3. My brother and his wife went there for their honeymoon. They had a amazing time. They had so much stories to tell. Living on a beautiful island where you are surrounded by the azure sea and other side is lush tropical forest. They were jet skiing and they got so far in the ocean they go couldn’t see the island anymore. My sister got so scared because they were literally stuck in the middle of the ocean. But they eventually found they way back with the help of a guide. They had a great time doing zip lining. They did the mud bath in the springs and then jumped in the waterfall. Reading you post reminded of they told me. I would love to visit this beautiful place

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