Hear me out for a minute – I wonder if vampires would prefer diabetics. If vampires are real, would some have a sweet tooth and find my blood more appealing due to its sugary content? My husband has a sweet tooth, and it came up in conversation while I was reading a vampire book, called The Strain (I recommend it for those who like some quality, end of the world, vampire content). Vampires, like people, surely would have different affinities, because there is no way that all blood would taste the same. Maybe diabetics would be like a delicacy, not that that’s a good thing for us!

Vampires certainly have an easy time extracting blood with those pointy teeth and direct route to a main artery, like the wonderful vampires from the Vampire Diaries you see featured above (a guilty pleasure) but me? Sometimes I just find that I CAN’T BLEED. As a diabetic, I test myself multiple times a day, which means drawing blood multiple times a day. After sticking myself so many times in the same spot with a lancet, I have grown calloused on my fingertips. I have done this so many times that I can see the little dots on the two fingers I usually use. No holes in my neck, just holes on my fingertips. If I go in the pool, the skin in that area shrivels into what looks like a brutally stabbed white raisin. All of those little holes have added up over the past 5 years.  Many times I go to test myself and find that it is impossible to get even the smallest drop of blood and then I have to stab myself about 5 more times just to get enough blood to get a reading.

The logical thing to do would be to find a new testing site right? But you see, I like using my middle finger and my ring finger. Plus I know it’ll hurt on a fresh spot,  so I hardly ever switch. Am I stubborn or just a big baby?

The other option is to just not test myself. I’m just kidding! I have to do that. But really, there is another option, using something different. I could try a CGM- or continuous glucose monitor. This little device would attach to my body and keep track of my blood sugars regularly, only requiring me to testing occasionally. However, I am afraid of feeling like a cyborg. I once tried to use a CGM for a few days, but they wrapped so such stuff around me that I felt robotic and couldn’t move around naturally. Maybe they have changed them since then, I will have to do more research. I find I am my best resource many times because I am my best advocate in the long run. If you want information and options, you have to go out and find it.

Everyone has their own things that work for them. For me, I think I will continue my testing, despite its frustrations, at least temporarily. I am waiting for the watch that reads blood sugar through my skin or that tattoo they just released studies on that changes color with your blood sugar. Surely science will come through with a key to easy yet successful management eventually, I just need to keep an eye out.

Diabetes itself is emotionally draining, intellectually draining, physically draining, and then add on the actual blood draining. It’s a day by day experience, or in the wise words of Winston Churchill, “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.”



7 thoughts on “Drained

  1. I hear you girl! I LOVE using my ring, pinky, and middle fingers!! And I would NOT be upset if Mr. Damon Salvatore preferred diabetics (I volunteer as tribute!!) 😉

    One thing I will share:
    My CGM (I use a Dexcom) has completely changed the way I look at my diabetes. As I entered into recovery from Diabulimia I found that wearing a pump and a CGM was something I could be proud of! It was a reminder that I was taking steps each day to live a healthier life and to finally get my Diabetes in check. Along the way I found companies like pumppeelz.com who made bad ass skins and patches for ALL diabetes products. Decorating my devices and ‘cyborg’ material made me want to show off my devices even more.

    My CGM gives my fingers a much needed break. And for me the biggest selling point is being able to sleep through the night. The anxiety and fear of going low in my sleep is alleviated and I can finally relax. Each time I check my Dexcom receiver I swear I can hear my finger tips sigh with relief lol.

    NO ONE can force you to go on a CGM. But I encourage you to research them. The Dexcom G6 is smaller, and more comfortable than ever before. I use a Dexcom G5 and love it.

    Sending warm thoughts your way!

    PS I’m serious, if you see Damon Salvatore send him to my place.

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    1. Hey girl! Love your comment. I actually wrote this a little while ago, and since then heard about the G6. So on a whim – A whim covered completely by my insurance might I add lol – I called and they hooked me up with the G5 until they can send out the G6 in May. I just started it a few days ago, and I have to say I feel less like a cyborg then I thought lol though I admit I’m still staying away from the pump. Your words make me feel more confident about my decision to give the CGM a go!

      Unfortunately, Damon has yet to answer any of my letters but I’ll keep you posted : P

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  2. I’m sure vampires do have a preference for blood sugar! I bet there would be those vampires on a diet so they only drink from humans who have cut sugar out of their diet!

    As for the continuous glucose monitor, have you heard of the freestyle libre glucose sensor? It’s a little circle sensor that sticks to your arm, no wrapping etc (I think)…

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