The Mystery of Hogwarts Mystery (mobile game)

As a long time fan of anything Harry Potter, it’s needless to say that I was excited when I heard a Harry Potter mobile game was coming out and was so legitimate that Pottermore was touting it.

I’ve always been on the lookout, and have honestly been quite surprised by the lack of Hogwarts in the app store. I have always been one to jump on anything HP related, from my Harry Potter PS2 games, to the Harry Potter deck building game, to this mobile game!

I was initially hoping it was going to be a Pokemon Go type of game, but not this time around – though I am hopeful for the future! Anyway, I downloaded this game a few days ago and…

have been very disappointed.

It kind of reminded me of the ‘Choices’ ads I see everywhere (have you seen those everywhere too?), but without the choices. It’s like a series of prompts pushing you through a specific story. Granted, I haven’t gotten very far nor am I spending the money for ‘gems’ to load my energy – which your energy drains very quickly – it’s kind of annoying.

I found out about the energy problem when the mean Slytherin character locked me in a room with some devils snare. I ran out of energy mid-battle and the game prompted me to buy some more gems for energy. With my moms voice echoing through my brain, I did NOT make this purchase. I very rarely make in game purchases (it honestly annoys me, I mean, what happened to the good old days of paying one price for a game and having access to the whole thing with fair game play?). With my new predicament I shrugged and thought, Well, now I’ll find out what happens when I die. You can imagine my surprise when I open the game three hours later to find my energy restored, and my character still alive in the same spot, ready for me to tap a few more times (as prompted) to win. All sense of urgency was removed.

Now, I understand maybe they wanted this game to be for kids, but if kids these days have parents anything like mine, they will never be allowed to make a single in-game purchase. I think they missed the target on this. They have a large fan base in their twenties who now have purchasing power! But to cater to us, there needs to be more engagement and challenge. I’m not saying it would have to be hard, but at least make the brain do a little thinking.

With this game (after finding out it wasn’t the Pokemon Go type) I was really hoping that it would be an open world with a primary story line and some side quests- kind of like a mobile Harry Potter Skyrim if you will.

I’d love to make my own game (mobile or deck building or something) to give other fans like myself what we are looking for, but I don’t think they will ever give me rights to do that…one can only dream! But JK Rowling, if you’re reading, I do have some great ideas. Or if you happen to need a fan on staff of these projects to say what the people want I’d be happy to oblige.


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