The Siren

Beneath the waves of a tumultuous sea, the Captain of the Victoria saw a strange figure swimming about his boat. It wasn’t the first time, either. He had seen the creature many times since they started their voyage from England. It appeared every few hours.

The first time, he thought nothing of it, other than it’s rather large size for a fish, and a what a great meal it might make. It was around the fifth time that it started to bother him. It mocked him.

He knew for certain that the creature was not a shark, and even his crew couldn’t seem to identify it. In fact, they never even saw it. The Captain saw the strange looks they gave him when he mentioned it, and had since given up on his quest to know.

This time the creature appeared, which the Captain believed to be somewhere in the high teens, the sun was about to dip beneath the horizon. It had been another rough day, and the waves were just starting to calm. But he could not enjoy it, he had work to do.

As soon as the Captain turned around to leave, he heard a faint noise come from the sea. It was pleasant, like a song, but something about it was strange to his ears. Strange, and intoxicating. Curious, he went over to the side of the boat and looked down.

Two eyes peered back at him. One was blue, the other green. The depth of those pools were more than even the ocean could claim. The eyes were attached to an ageless girl with porcelain skin and slick dark hair that fell across her shoulders and bare chest.

If he had been in a right state of mind, the Captain would have been concerned for the girl trapped in the middle of the ocean. But at that moment, it didn’t even strike him as odd that there was a girl in the ocean, nor that she had a tail.

The girl smiled at the Captain and he fell instantly drunk. Something in his gut nagged at him, but he pushed the feelings away and watched as the girl began her song again. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard, though he couldn’t place it as a language or a tune he recognized. She reached out to him and the water carried her up on a wavy throne to meet him at the edge of the boat.

The Captain failed to hear the shouts of the crew around him, who had finally realized what was going on. It was too late, however, for in that moment the Captain reached back and grabbed the girls hand, the sealing of his fate.

The siren tugged only gently, and the Captain threw himself over the side of the ship. There was a first mate who could take care of the crew, not that he gave too much thought to it. The Captain could only watch those deep eyes and let them pull him in further, into their depths, to the depths of the ocean.

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