“Just say something, will you?”

I turned my head to look at him across the room from my spot on the floor. I was sprawled in a nice open area with a good book, and Luke was keeping me company. He just stared back at me with his stupid grin.

“I promise I won’t tell,” I pushed, “It’ll be our little secret.”

Nothing. Instead, he stood up from his spot on the blue rug that covered my room and plopped right next to me. He turned to look at me and planted a big wet kiss on my cheek with his tongue.

“Ew!” I wiped the slobber from my face. As gross as it was, he was a dog and I a human, we had different ways of showing affection.

That still didn’t change the fact that I wanted to talk to him, and he wasn’t cooperating.

I turned back to my book, it was one of my favorites. Some story about a girl who got caught up in an adventure. A story full of magic, love, and friendship.

I know about magic, I’ve read about it in books. Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of the day it would happen to me- Maybe Hagrid would show up at my door or I’d crash land on some mysterious island.

There was a knock at my door and my mom poked her head in. “I brought you some water. Careful with the new carpet,” she said as she eyed me on the floor. She walked across the room and handed it to me.

“Thanks. I know I’m a klutz but I think I got it.”

“Melanie, Don’t you have homework?” I nodded. She turned to walk out of the room. “Maybe save the fairytales for later then? Unfortunately, Harry Potter can’t give you an A.”

“Okay, Mom,” I lied.

“Dinner in 15, honey.”

I smiled back and opened my book again as soon as she closed the door. Page 394. Snape’s page. I smiled to myself and took a sip of my water. I put the glass back down on the carpet and just as I took my hand away it knocked into the glass, sending the almost full amount towards the new carpet.

“No!” I yelled out as it started to fall and reached for the glass. One of my outstretched hands curled around the glass, but it was already empty.

My eyes trailed from the fingers on my other outstretched hand to the water that had poured out. It wasn’t on the carpet. In fact, it wasn’t on anything. It was suspended in the air like an imperfect bubble.

I must’ve looked ridiculous at that moment, and based on Luke’s head, cocked as far to the side as it would go, I knew it was true. I was flat on my belly with both my arms and my legs out like superman.

I stared at the water, mirroring my dog, head tilted as far as it would go. I sat up with my butt on my heels and poked it. The water did not move. Instead, my finger went right through. I pulled my hand away and cupped the water between both. The liquid molded to an uneven orb in my hands.

Luke came as close as he could and licked it. He looked back at me with approval.

I gently moved my hands, water intact, towards the glass and slowly opened a small hole between my fingers. The ball of water started to filter through until nothing was left and my hands were completely dry. Shaking, but dry.

It had happened, the moment I’d waited for, and I had no idea what to do with that information. I stared at the glass for another 20 minutes before I heard footsteps coming back up the stairs.

“Are you coming?” I could hear her getting impatient.

“Be right there!” I scrambled to my feet and grabbed the glass of water, afraid to let it go. “Come on, Luke,” I said and opened the door for us to leave the room, but I was still stuck in my head. What does this mean? Is this genetic? Or did something happen to me? Why water? Is it elemental? Or something else?

But the biggest question loomed the heaviest. In all the stories I read, the discovery of magic was never a part of mundane life where the protagonist simply had a special ability. It always meant that something bigger was coming – some sort of challenge or epic adventure. I briefly wondered if I’d be able to handle any of that.

On my way down the stairs, I determined that it was much more plausible that I had imagined the whole thing. If it was real, it would happen again. But the question still remained – if I wasn’t crazy – is it possible to discover magic in a mundane life or did it mean something was about to change?

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