I published a book! Right now…it’s FREE!

I finally did it! I wrote and published a book!

I started last June and just published yesterday. I am beyond elated to have gotten this far – though of course it wasn’t on my own! I had a wonderful support system.

It is both nerve wracking and exciting to be done and share this with everyone! In fact, I believe it is the writers conundrum – you want to share your work with the world but are afraid to do it. Anyone agree?

I know for me, having this blog has helped a lot with the nerves, but they are still there. I know my book isn’t perfect and I have a long way to go, but I’m proud of myself for getting started on the journey and completing a major benchmark.

Right now, the eBook edition is available for a FREE download. In the next few days, the paperback edition will be available as well. Do you like fairytale retellings, historical fiction, or paranormal romance? Then this book might be for you – and I’d love to have your support. Please check out the link below : )

As this is my first self published book, I would love to have your feedback – email, Amazon review, Goodreads review, whatever you choose! Please note that it is not completely historically accurate, as my goal here was to string a coherent story together rather than focus on accuracy. Your opinion is important to me and will help me grow as a writer.

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