I Somehow Wrote Another Book and It’s Free

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, but I do work a full time job, had a baby, picked up yet another hobby, among other things like, you know, pandemics. Despite this, I did complete another work, so that’s a huge accomplishment (pausing here to pat myself on the back). Link is at the bottom if you want to skip all this! Anyway, since self-publishing my first book, I’ve learned a few things. What started out as something to try to express myself, something I’ve had no training in, turned into countless hours and thousands of pages worth of writing. Writing has become a hobby that I can’t go more than two days without doing and trying to improve.
Finishing the second book has gotten me to reflect on my progress, and I hope this next one is better than the last! I know I’ve honed my genre into a blend of YA fantasy and fairytale retellings, tried to tighten my structure, and develop more interesting characters/etc–but I’m still super nervous.
Closing a chapter (figuratively speaking), hearing from others, and reflecting is part of what helps me grow. I truly support anyone who’s willing to put themselves out there and share their beautiful ideas with others because it’s HARD. I try not to take myself seriously, and anyone whose followed my old posts on here knows I am no award winning writer. I just like to do it, it’s a hobby. Looking back, I do not believe my first book was a masterpiece, but it was a major step on my journey and I know some people enjoyed it. I took liberties with historical context and could’ve used a little more development. As my skills get better, I plan to go back to it at some point and improve the story. In truth, I was simply proud of myself for stringing together so many words and finding the courage to share it. I’m still learning and still making a lot of mistakes!
I’ve read that you shouldn’t even publish your first book. However in this same thread I read, someone said just let the first book be bad and you’ll grow from there. You’ll get better. And I’m hoping I do, and I’m hoping I feel more proud of myself with each publication. I was listening to a podcast today called My Favorite Murder, and while they talk about murders they also talk about themselves. At first when I didn’t understand them or how podcasts work I didn’t necessarily like this but now I do, and today, as I was debating hitting the publish button it struck a cord with me when they talked about how you can’t let strangers dictate your worth. Why do we give random people the power to influence our value? And then I hit the publish button. I will probably regret it tomorrow. Thanks Georgia and Karen 😆. I think I’ll go have a glass of wine right about now.
I probably will always see faults in my writing (real or imagined) and there will probably always be some criticisms as it’s part of the territory, but I’m proud of myself for putting something out there and continuing to do it. If I can leave someone with positive feelings or take them away from reality for a little while in a story, I’ll feel that all that work was worth something. My goal was, and still is, to bring joy or inspiration to myself and to others.
I hope that with each one that I share with friends, family, and strangers I learn more about the craft and improve with each one until I have the confidence and ability to write something I can be truly proud of. I am not some amazing author, I’m just a 20-something-year-old with too many thoughts and a desire to write. As I move forward with this next fantasy fairytale retelling, Neverland: Awakening, I’m super nervous (if you haven’t noticed by the end of the post), but also excited to share. If you’re interested, please let me know! I’d love any feedback to help me grow, and to help others as well.
Right now the book is free to download here.
Thanks for reading my gibberish : )




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